1511 NW 34 Street

Since 2008, Omega Investments LLC has acquired and renovated over 300 properties in the OKC metro area. The following properties are a few examples of our projects. 

Urban farmhouse in Classen North Highlands

619 NE 14th Street

First-class in every way, ultimate historic remodel

Historic Craftsman bungalow, brought back to life after a fire

722 NE 19th Street

216 NE 15th Street

745 Ne 18th Street

T H E   R E N O V A T I O N  &  R E - D E V E L O P M E N T  D I V I S I O N   O F   O M E G A   I N V E S T M E N T S,   L L C

Beautiful Lincoln Terrace historic craftsman

Spectacular sophisticated bungalow given new life