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a  3 step process...

After remodeling homes in OKC Urban core for 10 years, we have found that a simple process works best for our clients, giving them the best complete overall result. We have a simple three-step process, which allows our clients to sit back over the course of their project and trust our team to execute, while still maintaining approvals on overall budget and style.



Our intake process sets the tone for design. By the end of our intake phase we have established a clear vision of our client’s style, how they ‘do’ life, and are able to personalize the design process with the best end-result in mind. Most importantly, we have established a full budget and timeline, allowing our clients the trust to sit back and enjoy the process.


·      Discuss your space and its potential

·      Help clarify your style preferences (pictures are great!)

·      Review your lifestyle needs

·      Introduce you to Omega Design Services

·      Design Process Overview

·      Inventory of furniture and pieces to be integrated

·      Site measurement

·      Meet face-to-face with Scarlet & Lauren


During the design phase, our clients give us the freedom to design within their budget and translate the findings from our intake process into a full design from start to finish. This process, lasting several weeks, culminates a full design presentation, complete with a digital presentation and samples to touch and feel.  This will inspire and provide a physical vision for the space our clients have invited us into. This is when the overall, installed cost is approved and paid for in full.

·      Translate findings from intake into practical application

·      Create digital presentation with tactile samples

·      Provide inspiration & present a physical vision for the space

·      Review Pricing for material goods and labor


This is the life changing phase! After approval of design, which is within the established budget, we turn our vision into a reality. Our client’s personalized design is being made, ordered, and delivered to our receiving warehouse over the coming months. If our client is renovating or building a new home, this is where construction is taking place. Then, our full-service installation process allows you to enjoy while we set up your magazine-worthy space, complete with all the little details that make your life better and more beautiful!

Personal, Stylish, Functional